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The Bike Dilemma

I’m getting nervous and excited. There is still so much to do and I have not raised a penny. I need help with so many things and self-promotion is one big one. So I will procrastinate and focus on something more tangible and only slightly less difficult such as – The Bike, that vehicle that I will be using to self-propel myself over the Andes. The Andes! Yikes.

I currently have a 1996 Bruce Gordon BLT – one of the made-in-China frames with a shop made fork. It has served me well – a 4,000 mile, cross-country journey, but even on that journey, I had a few issues with it. It is a comfortable bike but it feels small and (sorry Bruce) I had some frame shimmy a various times. It does have bar-end shifters which I like very much and I didn’t really have a problem with any of the other parts. I don’t know why everyone is connecting shimmy or wobble with Bruce’s frames or why he gets so defensive. It seems that many bikes get shimmy when loaded and it’s just something you deal with by playing with the loading and the equipment fit. I can’t say that it was fun going down hill with the bike vibrating funny, but I also can’t say that it happened constantly. I wonder if those touring cyclists with custom-made frames have any shimmy problems? Maybe I’ll be able to tell you in the future, but I’m not in the custom frame game – yet.

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