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Amazon is In

The task today was to get the Media Manger and the MTAmazon32 plugins to work and of course work the way I want them to.

These two plugs have a lot of great application but were, I have to say, a little difficult to use. Difficult is in the eye of the beholder though and Byrne Reese, the creator-administrator-producer, was very helpful in his responses. At least I think it was he who responded to the emails of panic. There are some inconsistancies in the instructions, but with a little tinkering I got everything just right - as right as it's going to get.

The one thing that I find weird about these plugins and about the whole blog setup is that everything is dependant on or set up for mass database pulls: last n entries, all dvds in list only, every blog entry with a title beginning with "Why" and that doesn't connect well with one offs or specifics. Perhaps I just have to shift my thinking some more - as it is I think in catagories all day long while processing data to make GIS maps.

But the happy end to weirdness is that there is included with MT (although not listed in the documentation) a nice MT tag called MTentry as opposed to MTentries. This tag allows you to list specific entries. I wanted to use the Media Manager to list books that I used to plan for this trip and I wanted to list comments about each for reference. By using the Media Manager MT tag "MTItemEntryID as the id values in the MTEntry tag I was able to list out the books in my list with the associated "review". I actually have yet to go in and write the reviews and enter the EntryID number into Media Manager, but I did test is out in a test blog and it works. See partial code below.

 <MTMediaManagerItems lastn="10" sort_order="ascend" sort_by="modified_on">
<MTAmazon method="Asin" search="[MTItemASIN]">
<a href="<MTAmazonLink>"><img src="<MTAmazonImage>" border="0"><br />
<p> </p>
<MTAmazonTitle></a> by <MTAmazonAuthor><br />
status: <MTItemStatus><br />
<MTItemIfBlogEntry><br />
<MTEntry id="[MTItemEntryID]">
<div class="entry" id="entry-<$MTEntryID$>">
<div class="entry-content">
<div class="entry-body">

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