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The Bikes of Yore

I wasn’t really looking to get a new bike, but I do like shiny, new things. The BG is a great bike, but I never really felt like we bonded – not like my other two: the dear Trek Series 400 and the Schwinn High Sierra. The Trek was my very first, and to this date, only road bike which I bought in 1985. It was racy, bought with my own money, and was probably the first big purchase of my young life. I learned how to ride hills on that bike with my friend Aaron riding circles around me saying things like “You can do it.” My responses were not even remotely close to lady-like and were more in the realm of gutter talk. I got him back a few years later though with the broken toe incident.

Then there is the wonderful 1990 Schwinn High Sierra. It isn’t the lightest bike and it doesn’t have all those fancy things like shocks and weird bar shifters but still serving me well after 16 years. It was my second mountain bike which I bought after annihilating the lower-end mountain bike sold to me by the people who apparently didn’t believe that I was really going to go “mountain biking”. No matter, I had a great time on the bike whose name I forgot and learned many a simple lesson about bike mechanics before selling it to an acquaintance. These two bikes feel like me – I’ve managed to customize them just enough to make me happy. The BG however, even with 4k miles under my belt on it just never felt like home. Maybe I put it on too high a pedestal or maybe it’s just that I haven’t done any extensive riding on it recently.

So there have been four bikes in my life all straight off the shelf and with this trip comes the opportunity to upgrade and get a custom-made frame. Given that these bikes have lasted between 10 and 20 years gives me the courage to go ahead and take the plunge. That way I will have a well made, custom fitted bike that should last at least 20 years if not more. You can always change components, but custom frames are built to last (at least they better be!).

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