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Fear & Apprehension - Part 1

I keep trying to write an entry about fear. Fear of others for me, my own fear and it keeps coming out trite. Maybe if I keep trying it will come to me.

Were all afraid of something and who isn’t afraid when traveling much out of their own realms? Suburb dwellers are afraid of cities. City dwellers are afraid of the bumps and creaks in the night and the animals moving about outside the flimsy walls of a summer cabin. I’m more afraid of other people, but I also believe that most people are good.

You cannot do much about being targeted as a tourist. Sure, you can dress down, hide your money, be aware of your surrounds, but traveler or tourist, as someone of European descent; you will stick out in non-western countries. I’ve not been anywhere like this so I’m essentially talking out of my ass, but by the very fact that your surroundings are drastically different from anything you are regularly used to make you a target.

I’m starting to become bogged down in the details of what and how and there are so many details for something like this: finances when gone, equipment, using the equipment, how much to take, what to take, communications, a will, money issues – how to get & where to put, maps, health precautions, health insurance, dealing with parents (who needless to say were not happy and are not supportive), electrical plugs, sponsorship and Heifer donations – which almost no one has replied to. Much love and thanks to those of you who have replied!

So the bike is being made now and unfortunately will not be ready until mid-May, which gives me a whopping 2 weeks to ride it before flying south. Not that much time, but I will be breaking in a Brooks B17S saddle on my mountain bike and trying out the other stuff.

To get an idea of my “to do” list:
1. Make Dr appt to get meds for trip and check to see if she can give me two more shots
2. Get 3rd rabies shot
3. Make will; put finances in order; arrange to have rent paid
4. Order shorts; return another pair of shorts
5. Test stove
6. Test filter
7. Test ride gear on old bike
8. Order medical kit, bug crap, water purifiers
9. Start packing, culling, and repacking, and culling, and repacking….
10. Order maps – overall maps and specific department maps for some locations. I don’t want to head out from Bolivia to Argentina without a decent map
11. Continue soliciting anyone who will give me a chance
12. Call about 10 people for advice, help, contact, and just plain comfort
13. Figure out what rims to get and what width Schwalbe tires to get
14. Order tires, tire liners, tubes
15. Get duct tape, bungee cords, door stops
16. Get security crap for luggage: ties and baggage straps and plastic to group and protect on plane
17. Research and read research on scams and “how to protects oneself” as a female.
18. Study Spanish
19. Make Spanish school reservation
20. Buy plane ticket

I think that’s enough for now, my head is spinning again, but it is helpful to see the list on the screen. After my mother leaves that is what I will be doing all weekend – making lists.

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