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Latin America by Bike: A Complete Touring Guide (By Bike)

This is a great reference book to help with planning your trip. Most of the information still applies even though the book was written in 1993. Be sure to do your own research on political circumstances and health requirements before you leave though.

Each country is divided into the following sections:
• Intro to the country
• Cycle Zones – each geographic region of the country is listed whether there is a tour in the area or not. Terrain, Scenery, Cultural Interest, and Weather for each zone is described.
• Tour Route Description with Map – Route described by mile points. The maps are not great, but get the point across.
• General Information: Getting to the Country, Documents, Accommodations, Drinks, Health, Money, and Security
• Cycling Information: Bicycles, Roads, Maps, and Bike Transport (other than riding)

The appendices are fantastic. He has included a packing list, list of recommended shots, temperature tables and biking words in Spanish. These alone have been of great assistance, but the “Safety Awareness Chart” is a little out of date.

The routes are usually circle route – beginning and ending at the same location, but each geographic area is described whether there is a route in it or not. The author does state that the routes are designed for people who have some time in a country to do a limited amount of cycle touring. You can incorporate these routes into your own path with little difficulty.

Note: There is information on but no routes in El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, or Uruguay.

Amazon Link: Latin America by Bike: A Complete Touring Guide by Walter Sienko


i'm planning a summer bike trip through latin america. Any info. on security or health concerns please let me know. thanks

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