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Central and South America by Road (Bradt Guides)

An admirable effort, but just not enough detail. The best info in the guide is surprisingly the general planning stuff at the beginning of the book

Chapter with good info:
1. First Steps – Baby steps which include route, language, guidebooks etc.
2. Your Transportation – Motorized or bicycle and transportation of your transportation
3. Preparation and Planning – GEAR, GEAR and other stuff like repairs for motor vehicles
4. Organized Tours – Whatever
5. On the Road – Number One rule: Don’t take anything you can’t afford to lose and other good tidbits of info.

The rest of the book attempts to be a guide book for all of the countries of Central and South America, but doesn’t do a good job at all. There are a few interesting sounding recommendations, but overall the descriptions are too general to even be of help in planning, much less help when you get there.

Overall, this is an OK book to start your planning process but I am certainly not going to lug it around on my bike for 6 months. Rather, I will copy some recommendations and explore when I am there.

Amazon Link: Central & South America by Road by Pam Ascanio


Is there a countdown for your departure??

Yes indeed there is. I hope to leave the 18th of June (2 weeks later than my original plan).

The change was due to timing with meeting my husband in Cusco and taking Machu Picchu trek. I had to count backwards from availble tour dates.

Leave 18th June, 5 days language school, 4 weeks riding. After Cusco there won't be many more machinations to meet people along the way.

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