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Google Earth kmz w/geocoded photos!!

I think I've done it. That is, created a kml file with links to my photos which are geocoded to the gps route.

Programs used:

Picasa (with StopDesign photo gallery template) - to create photo groupings
PIE (Picture Information Extractor) - to rename photos with correct date format
WS_FTP - to upload photos, htm file, kml file
TextPad - to "save as" UNIX file
do.php - to DO something to the whole shebang (part of Photo Gallery)
Movable Type - to publish photos into StopDesign Gallery
Garmin MapSource - to get the gps log off the gps
gpsbabel - to covert from MapSource file format to gpx file format
RoboGeo - to tie gps tracklog and photos together
Google Earth

That's a hell of a lot of programs - dontcha think?

But witness the result: TEST RIDE KMZ (opens in Google Earth)

Am still having a problem getting the kmls to open in Google Earth from the website. The browser wants to open the kml file as xml text in a Firefox browser. Comments on this would be appreciated.


The Google Earth feature is VERY cool! I didn't have any problems opening/using it at all ...

I am so envious of your upcoming adventure! Can't wait for your intermittent postings from South America to see how you are doing. Keep the spirit - I'm pulling for you down here in Texas!


Hey It would be very useful to us, if you post some more details on hopw you got the picasa to work with Stopdesign's mt templates....

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