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In Lima

buenos dias everyone -

Stacey and I both arrived in Lima safe and sound. In fact, I was at the airport about 4 hours before the flight was to leave and managed to drink only one beer while waiting. Stacey however didn't get any beer.

The bike box is a little squished - even with the "secure wrap" that David and I discovered at JFK. It is where these nice people wrap up your luggage with somethat looks like a blue spiderweb and is used when you are afraid that your luggage won't make the trip much like mine. Let's just say mine was well used and will not be returning home with anyone.

The bike is still in the box and I will survey the potential damage tomorrow - the blue spiderweb actually squished the box and the fork/headset had a lot of pressure put on it during the flight.

And David, you were right, up does not mean up on an airplane.

We have been well fed this evening with arroz con pollo and yes, flan. I ate flan. Those of you in the know, know just how much I like flan.

More later after we meet up with Anton the 18 year old and I figure out how to get access to a USB drive. Otherwise, there will be a lot of text entries and not many picture or GPS.

Ciao ciao.

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