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On a jetplane

I leave today. It has been one hectic week and thank you everyone that helped me out through bike stuff and packing stuff and "oh shit, where's my passport" stuff.

It's been a noisy week with the workers outside our apartment window and I've gotten lots and lots of walking in and a fair amount of riding to boot.

Sid's bike shop and IF frames have been great in helping me pull it all together. Thank you Zoltan, Tim, Darius, Marcus and Lloyd at IF.

I'm very sad to be leaving David for months but excited about the adventure to come.


The bike all loaded up:



"oh shit, where's my passport". I am so glad you found it. I am wasn't sure if I was willing to ransack your ex-desk to find it. (well, maybe I would)

good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You ROCK Nif! Good luck and have a very safe and fabulous ride! Hopefully I'll see you in Argentina!


Nif, one other item - Ive installed GPS-based machine control guidance systems on bull dozers and other earth moving equipement - I didn't see proper GPS antenna mount + proper cabling, etc installed on your bike - should I get the contact details for our dealer in SA in case you need some zippy ties or duct tape?
Good luck - all the best to you!

Adios - Jeff Drake

Have a fantastic time!!!! I'm thinking about you. Re photo: Your whole outfit there is magnificent. Kudos to all the preparations and great folks who helped you out along the way. When you get back, Jason and I will probably be living in Seattle full-time. You and David should come out....love, Lucy

P.S. Jason wants to know if there is still a way to send money onyour behalf?...

Nif, you're in my thoughts on this, the eve of your epic journey. Very f*@king inspiring.... Many hugs and all good thoughts.

good luck baby. I'll have a margarita at Puerto for you.

outstanding nif. take it slow out there and don't pick up too many rocks. good luck

Welcome to Lima,
Hope your flight went well and that you have a good week at language school.

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