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Stacey and Spanish

So - as luck would have it Stacey was able to get a decently priced flight to Lima. We wil be taking semi-private Spanish lessons at El Sol and they are going to let us, the two married 37ish year olds, stay in the same homesta! Apparently, they usually don't like to put two people of the same nationality into the same homestay. I understand the reasoning - promote Spanish immersion - but you know, I'm very glad they made an exception for us.

We are staying with the La Rosa family which consists of:
Father, Architect
Mother, Housewife
Daughter 1, Actress
Daughter 2, Architect

Very exciting - and the sent a picture of the man who will be picking me up from the airport. What a thoughtful idea - it will be helpful for finding him when I am freaking out about the bike and luggage and trying not to look too much like a rube or a stupid, rich tourist.


Yeah! so you have company- just read Stacy is going too. : )

Stacey is actually just going for a week in Lima. Hopefully though I will be able to join up with Anton the 18 year old.

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