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Photos from the abyss...

So this isn't really a blog entry - but it is an means to let you know that I've finally fixed the photos page and posted a whole bunch of new photos. There are 6 new sets of photos! And I have 5 more to post!!

One note of caution - please use the navigation bar a the top of the main site to get to the photos page or use this link...


I am currently on the island of Chiloe in Chile waiting for a ferry (which is now a day delayed) to take me back to the mainland and the Carreterra Austral. I have ridden one day on Chiloe and hike a good 10 miles another (for fun). I'm itching to get riding again. This will be my last bit of solititude of the trip - there are no other cyclists that I know of, David has returned home and my friends have all gone their separate ways. But I will do what I can and enjoy to beauty of the road and think about the present and the future and maybe even the past.

I know that there are so many other stories to convey to you all, but not tonight. Tonight I sleep and listen to the waves lapping outside my window as the tide rises in the night.


There's no need for you to reply as I know that you're expending tremendous amounts of energy while riding. I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to write and upload pics of your travels. I'm currently in the process of planning my ride from Pruhoe Bay to the Land of Fire (bypassing Columiba though). I plan on going solo too. You're an inspiration. Take care of yourself, I'll be looking forward to reading about and seeing more of, your ride.

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