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Leaving Today

Hello again everyone.

Mom and I are wandering around killing time while waiting to get some lunch. Lunch begins at 1pm at the earliest and usually finishes (for those of us just hanging out in foreign cities) but today I will have to watch the clock - the taxi comes at 3pm - my flight is at 6:15pm.

Anyway - I forgot to post the link to some new photos. Still missing are Ushuaia and Antarctica and Buenos Aires.


Relatively new photos posted


Hey--I've been reading your travel blog. Thanks for sharing--I've enjoyed hearing about your travels. (Not sure if you've gotten the emails that I sent to your gmail account. You're a MUCH better correspondent than I, so I suspect the problem is that you changed your email address. Or something like that. Email me when you get the chance.)

Hi Nif! I liked following your trip. Too bad you didn't do a post about Antarctica. I really wonder how that was. I'll wait for your book to be published:) It's the number-one-trip I want to do one of the next years. Hope the journey back (and 'adapting' afterwards) went smoothly.
Bye, Katrien, a belgian fan you met in Mendoza

Howdy Katrien -

I will be posting an Antarctica entry or at least getting some photos up soon.

Keep tuned and thanks for the comment.


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