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Antarctica Photo Alert

Well, everyone. I have returned to New York City, returned to work, returned. I think that I like travel a lot more that I could have ever imagined and after I get back on my feet financially I will endeavor to work extended travel into my future life. I think that it is possible, don't you. Vacation travel for a month every other year, for 6 months every 5 years or so, moving to another country with children for a little bit. I think that it is possible - if you can dream about it, then you can plan it.

Anyway - the photos from the Antarctic trip are up http://www.steady-as-she-goes.com/photos2 - check them out.

The writing will have to wait. There hasn't been much alone time since my return.

Empanada making for New Year's Eve - with wine from Mendoza of course.
Week 1 - Unpack and try to remember what I actually did on a daily basis: groceries, clothes, cleaning. Ick
Week 2 - that's this week and it's Welcome Back to Work week. Things have not been bad at all - I expected to feel like a caged animal, but it's not so bad. And this weekend is Michelle's wedding. And I though I was stressed!

So you see, I haven't even written one bit in my own personal journal, but all in good time. There are still photos from Buenos Aires to post and of course a little bit of info about Antarctica and Buenos Aires.


Hey Nif! Love the pics and I've been enjoying reading of your travels. Welcome back to NY. Let's get together sometime soon when you're more settled.


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