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The Complete Route - GPS/Google Earth File

THE FINISH - the final GPS Route File Download file (Opens in Google Earth)

Geocoded Photos for the Nazca Lines, Peru Download file (Opens in Google Earth)

So folks, it's been just about one complete month since I've returned and time here seems to go by so quickly. There is so much to take your attention away from the world around you: work, chores, obligations. But hey, that's life, I suppose. On the bright side, I have finally re-trained myself to throw used toilet paper into the toilet. That took about two weeks, believe it or not. And no, I never actually threw my paper in the trash I just had to think about putting it in the toilet every time.

I have been keeping myself quite occupied with my little projects. The Nazca Lines kmz file above is my first attempt at using RoboGeo to geocode or locate geographically my photos from the trip. This will be a massive undertaking so I decided to start with one little side trip and see how that went. I would love to get some feedback about how you liked or didn't like the presentation of the photos in Google Earth. If you do not have Google Earth already please download and install it on your computers so that you can see how cool geolocated photos - Download Google Earth.

As for documenting the trip to Antarctica, that is going to have to wait until my writing class begins (two weeks from now) because I have my hands full with these photo projects. It is difficult to find time to write and honestly, I have been putting it off, choosing to focus on these other projects.

That's all for now, but as I get more of the photos geocoded I will add those Google Earth kmz files to the website. I will also be reorganizing the maps page to list all of the kmz files that have been posted during the journey and making route images with the "proposed" and "actual" routes shown on them.

Over and out.

Also, if you haven’t already, please visit my Heifer International gift registry and help bring chimneys to Peru!! Thank you!!

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