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So there is movement - but not here....

I have been using www.crankybunny.com to use as my playground for blog development. This is for two reasons: I wanted to experiment with another hosting provider (HostNine) and I wanted to use a different blogging software (WordPress).

The hosting has proven to be less than expected and I will probably stay with 1and1.com in the long run (although their customer service can be a big drag at times) but the blogging package - Wordpress - has proven to be very cool and easier to deal with.

Now that I am focusing on the travel blogging site again, I'm going re-bury myself in the whole geolocated photos/map thing that I obsess about. I still think that the ZenPhoto platform works the best for me and I will continue working in that vein. I have a few geolocated sets here but the layout leaves A LOT to be desired.

But no matter - the wheels are rolling again.

I have also posted my updated resume on Crankybunny and have been using the site as a general dumping ground for some geospatial related notes.

The idea is to figure out how to do the photos with ZenPhoto and Wordpress, migrate Steady As She Goes to WordPress and keep SASG as my travel blog - I'd like to have something in place that I don't have to deal with for a few years so I can just travel and not worry about the technology for awhile. I really don't want to use Flickr or Google Web Albums because I like having the images on my site and I like to display them in my own manner.


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