September 25, 2007

Maroc and Moving Servers

I have processed about half of the Morocco photos and GPS tracks while also figuring out how to install WordPress onto a differe web hosting service. Busy, busy.

When the Moroccan photos are selected and labeled (this weekend) I will post them here for one last set of photos and then I will focus on getting the whole site moved to the new host. Let's just say that it is a daunting prospect to move servers and blog packages (MovableType to WordPress) and try to keep it all nice and neat.

My camera was on it's last legs on this trip and I have since upped the ante and bought a Nikon D40 (fancy!) but David took a lot of really great photos that will be mixed in with mine.

Then comes the writing. There were some many things to write about for this trip. Just about everything that could go wrong did, but we survived and enjoyed visiting the country - ten days was certainly not long enough for a country like Morocco - especially when you are on your one limping along in bad French.



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